With Olympians Ready to Boycott, Enhanced Games CEO Reveals Source of New League’s Strongest Support


The Paris Olympics 2024 are just around the corner, and the hype around the event is getting real with each passing day. Amid all the excitement and thrill surrounding the competitions, Enhanced Games are also making headlines for all the wrong reasons and their peculiar characteristics. The event has come under the radar of several sports pundits and Olympians, who are nitpicking the latter competitions for glorifying doping and putting participants’ lives at risk.
Everyone around the world is stressed over Enhanced Games, which would hamper the unbiasedness and ethics of the sport, but Aron D’Souza, the CEO of the games, has come up with yet another tactic to defend himself and the event, and it’s the support that he is receiving from an elite group of athletes.
He is receiving an unprecedented backing
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On Monday, D’Souza appeared on American sports analyst Luke Thomas’ show on YouTube, where he covered various points about the games. On being asked about mechanical doping, that includes specially customized apparel like shoes for better running and suits for swimmers, and if enhanced games will make use of the aforementioned things.
“Well, yeah, so the first enhanced games is about pharmacological enhancements, but we’ve received a ton of interest from para Olympians wanting to compete in the enhanced games because they are sick of competing in a second-tier Olympics,” he states. He also affirmed that para athletes identify themselves as enhanced individuals, and it’s because of the equipment like steel legs, titanium wands, and the carbon fiber that they use during their performances.
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He also added that the joint effort from the engineers is crucial so as to ensure Paralympians optimal performance. Talking about the technological advancements that are happening in the Paris Olympics 2024, D’Souza also aims to replicate the same for his competitions. Furthermore, he also has a course of action ready for the event.
Pathway of the Enhanced Games
The competitions are scheduled to take place in 2025, and talking about the roadmap, the advocate turned CEO said that they will be announcing the procedure for the participation of the athletes and their media partners as well. He revealed that the compensation structure for the athletes will also be made public in the coming days.
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On August 12th, at the conclusion of the Paris Olympics, the first qualifying event for the games will be held, and he adds that he wants to remove as many barriers as possible for the athletes to qualify. The qualification process will also follow an interesting procedure, as the athletes can qualify just by posting a video of themselves playing their respective sports online.


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