Wolf Blitzer Nearly Wolfed on His Blazer


Photo: CNN
Joining Bob Costas having pink eye at the Olympics and Whoopi Goldberg farting on The View, we bring you the latest in TV hosts’ bodies functioning and/or dysfunctioning. See, last night on CNN, you could say there was a situation. Wolf Blitzer, whose real name is Wolf Blitzer, showed signs of needing to throw up and didn’t return after the commercial so that, presumably, he could throw up. The moment happened during an interview with Maryland representative Jamie Raskin while discussing the Supreme Court’s oral arguments of whether Donald Trump is able to appear on the presidential ballot in Colorado, a prospect that made Blitzer need to drain his swamp.
CNN host Wolf Blitzer nearly vomits on-air when talking about how Trump may still be able to run for president. pic.twitter.com/8Kt67Ew4O0 — Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) February 9, 2024
I dare you to look away from Blitzer. He’s giving a Buster Keaton–esque performance while he is clearly going through it. “Wolf wasn’t feeling 100 percent while anchoring Thursday night,” the network later told the New York Times. But he did feel 100 percent of the happy hour at Johnny’s Half Shell come up, and out of, his esophagus. The network added, “He looks forward to being back in the Situation Room,” and out of the bathroom. And you thought the idea of Donald Trump running for president made you sick.


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