Zendaya Looked Fresh In A Two-Piece Top And Skirt For Challengers, But She Kept Having A Funny Wardrobe Malfunction


Zendaya has an undeniable flair for fashion. Most recently, the Dune superstar killed it at the premiere of Challengers in an on-theme sparkly green tennis dress . Plus, for years she’s been known for her stunning looks — like her green corset dress from the Emmys and the out-of-this-world C-3P0-like look she donned for the Dune: Part 2 premiere. Now, the Euphoria star is making waves again, this time looking fresh in a two-piece top and skirt, again for Challengers, although she humorously experienced a wardrobe malfunction with her latest fit.
The A-List Spider-Man actress took to her Instagram stories to share the chic custom Lacoste two-piece she wore during press for her upcoming sports film Challengers . This unique outfit features a skirt that ingeniously incorporates a tennis net design through its long, white, mesh knit fabric, complete with a dramatic slit along her left leg. While the tennis-inspired look will undoubtedly turn heads, it’s not without its wardrobe malfunctions. The actress’ humorous caption for this post highlighted that as she noted a minor setback regarding her bright white Christian Louboutin stiletto heels and her netted skirt: “When your heel keeps getting caught in your net lol.”
(Image credit: Zendaya)
Obviously, Zendaya handled the silly little malfunction with grace, as her post showed her getting her shoe out of her skirt.
Slight wardrobe malfunction aside, this look adds more proof to the fact that Zendaya is a fashion queen. Unsurprisingly, in 2022, the two-time Emmy winner was number one in the top 20 most fashionable celebs because she and her stylist, the iconic Law Roach , know how to continuously up the ensemble ante every time they collaborate.
This most recent outfit takes tennis fashion to new heights, diverging from the norm with its innovative design. The top part, which mirrors the design of a white sports bra, is enhanced with chic, preppy pleats and a robust elastic band encircling the ribcage for a perfect fit. Elegance is introduced through silver sparkles that trim the neck and arm openings. Elevating the aesthetic further, the classic Lacoste alligator emblem is transformed into a shimmering silver brooch, making this set far from your average tennis ensemble.
Though pushed back to April 2024 due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Challengers is set to hit the ever-growing 2024 movie schedule on April 26. For those curious about the movie, the trailer offers a glimpse into the intriguing plot, highlighting its main characters and the entangled web of romance, friendship, rivalry, and competitive spirit within the professional tennis scene.
MGM’s official synopsis reveals that the movie, directed by the acclaimed Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino, revolves around a young and talented tennis player named Tashi (Zendaya). She quickly establishes herself as a prominent athlete but suffers a severe injury that puts her career on hold. In a change of direction, Tashi becomes a coach and helps her husband, Art, achieve tennis stardom. However, Art’s career hits a rough patch, and he faces a series of losses, prompting Tashi to register him for a “Challenger” event to revive his career. Unexpectedly, Art finds himself competing against his former best friend, who also happens to be Tashi’s ex-partner, leading to a dramatic and confrontational twist in the story.
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Overall, the enticing plot of Challengers is reflected in Zendaya’s stunning, tennis-inspired looks. She’s always been one to dress to a theme, however, her looks — including this iconic white set — emphasize why she’s one of the most fashionable folks working.
Fashion powerhouse Zendaya graces the big screen in two major films this year. You can currently catch her in Dune: Part 2 in theaters and anticipate her appearance in Challengers, which will be in cinemas starting April 26.


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