After War of Words, Kim Mulkey Recalls “Generational” Caitlin Clark’s Final Clash With Angel Reese


Caitlin Clark vs. Angel Reese is the hottest topic of the current NCAA season. Though the beef lasts between the players, there is no wonder given the nature of Kim Mulkey’s straightforward antics. Basketball fans have been witnessing a subliminal word strike between these two.
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Caitlin Clark is having one of the most dominant seasons of her NCAA career. She is the most rooted candidate for NPOY and is swiftly climbing the ladder of scores. But Angel Reese is having a not-so-dominant year, which fans are widely expecting.
Kim Mulkey talks about Caitlin Clark
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In the national championship game of the previous season, Mulkey, who had led LSU to victory over Clark’s Hawkeyes, appeared to harbor a dislike for Clark’s style of play. However, when discussing the Tigers’ more balanced scoring as a team, she seemed to appreciate it.“We don’t have any players shooting 40 times a game like you see around the country.”
But The Iowa Star had taken the criticism in a hard way, as she replied, “The people that I really care about, the people that I love—they always have my back. Those are the people that are really going to matter to me.” A few days after this, Kim Mulkey had an opportunity to talk about Caitlin Clark in an interview.
When the question was raised about Caitlin Clark’s statistical dominance, Kim Mulkey replied, “It is perfectly clear Clark is a generational player. When I saw her in the final four last year,. It was the first time I’ve ever seen her in person, and she’s on pace to break every record, men or women,” says Kim Mulkey, and it is true that Caitlin Clark is just two games away from her regular average to surpass Kelsey Plum and become the leading scorer in the NCAA.
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Caitlin Clark VS Angel Reese
Baltimore Native Angel Reese and Iowa’s Angel Reese have been in the limelight since their viral Clash in Last Year title competition. However, Angel Reese’s antics towards Caitlin Clark have put her under severe criticism. Since then, there has been an untold cold war going on between these two.
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This year was mostly anticipated for their clash, as Angel Reese is having a not-so-best year while Caitlin Clark is donning a perfect season. If their duo is to meet on the court, it will turn into the greatest economy generator as these two are already selling out crowds in every arena they play.


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